Server To Server (S2S) Integration

This document describes in detail the process for Mobile App Download/Install tracking on the Affle platform via Server-to-Server Integration Process between the Application Owner Server and the Affle Platform.

Do You Need Server To Server Integration?

The Affle Platform provides its own SDK for tracking Download/Install Conversions. This SDK is designed for integration with any application built for mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS etc. in-order to help the application owner promote & track the download/install conversions. However, there can be instances where the application owner may not be able to integrate or use the SDK due to internal process of the organization. To overcome this, we provide a Server-to-Server (S2S) integration solution.

– The S2S Solution currently fully supports Download/Install attribute tracking on Android.

– IOS Apps are sandboxed and a different mechanism is available. This mechanism is called “fingerprinting”. Affle has its own propriety device fingerprint technology to match the click to the installs. All tracking is available by the Publisher/Media Source. For this the SDK is mandatory.

Workflow Architecture

The following diagram illustrates the workflow defined for S2S integration.

Attribute Tracking HTTP API

Sample Install URL

Sample Event URL

Params Description Comments
Sample Values
1 af_tid Transaction ID This is passed to the Application via Google BROADCAST
2 af_cid Campaign ID (Mandatory)
3 af_udid Device ID (Optional)
4 af_operator Name of the carrier (Optional) Airtel, Vodafone
5 af_networktype Network Type (Optional) wifi, 3G, 2G etc.
6 af_referrer This is passed to the Application via Google BROADCAST INSTALL REFERRER “referrer”.

*Requires entire string

Required to track Owned & Paid Media Installs
7 af_remote_addr Remote Address (Optional)
8 af_country Country (Optional)
9 af_city City (Optional)
10 af_circle State (Optional)
11 af_android_id Device Android ID (Optional)
12 af_advertising_id Device Advertiser ID (Optional)

Please note: The Postback URL for S2S integration will be provided as part of campaign/project settings from us.