Pixel Tracker Integration

This document is a guide to integrating with Affle’s pixel tracking system for tracking activation and/or leads. The Mobile Operators, Content Providers, Lead Management Systems & partners can integrate their CMS (Content Management Systems), Platforms, Pages etc with our platform through a simple HTTP API to perform activation/lead tracking across multiple publishers, ad-networks etc.

Method One: Tracking via transaction ID

Please follow the instructions below to configure accurate activation/lead tracking.

1. The Affle team shall provide to the CP, Lead Page Developer – a Pixel Tracker URL for the beginning of every campaign. It must be placed into the Thank You page of the service to be activated.

2. Our platform provides a click tracking URL to the publishers, ad-Network.

3. The click received is logged on the platform and the request for content/lead/activation is forwarded on the Operator/CP CMS/LMS URL. This URL has to be provided by the respective partner and is integrated on the platform. The Affle platform passes to the CP/LMS, the transaction Id, which has to be passed back upon successful activation.

. Sample CP URL

. Sample CP URL with the Affle transaction ID

. Sample LMS URL

. Sample CP URL with the Affle transaction ID
http://lms.com/leadform.php &tid=1234abcd

4. The CP/LMS processes the forwarded request for content download, subscription/VAS Pack activation, Lead etc. The CP shall also perform billing with the operator, service provider billing systems in case of VAS Packs.

5. Post billing or Lead Submission, the CP/LMS is required to invoke the Affle provided Pixel Tracker code and place the transaction id in the pixel tracker URL.

Method Two:- Tracking via GUID Cookie

This method tracks lead/activation to the source using the Browser Cookie/GUID. The Cookie is generated during the click and is set onto the Mobile device. It works only on devices that support cookies.

Sample Pixel code

<img src=”http://affle.co/campaign/pixeltracker.php?ad2cid=139/ad2c_cpa@ad2c @&tid=<Transaction Id>” style=”display: none”>

Sample HTML/PHP file

<?php $tid = $_REQUEST[‘tid’];?>
<html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″ />
<title>Pixel Test<!– code start–>
src=”http://affle.com/campaign/pixeltracker.php?ad2cid=139/ad2c_cpa@ad2c@&tid=< ?php echo $tid;?>" style="display: none"> <!-- code end-->