Campaign Publisher Tracking

This document is intended for ad-networks who would like to integrate with platform. The ad-networks can integrate their platform with affle via HTTP API and can track the conversions across various content providers, app stores, lead engines etc.

Publisher Integration Process Flow

Step 1:
Affles’s click tracking URL is called; on receiving the request, Affle Tracker Engine logs the required details at its platform.

Step 2:
The Affle Tracker Engine forwards this request to the respective 3rd party platform like VAS, App Store, Sales Management System, or Lead Management System etc.

Step 3:
After processing request at their end, 3rd party system notifies back Affle Tracker Engine.

Step 4:
Affle Tracker Engine notifies back Publisher/AD-Network.

Integration Process

1. Affle will provide its tracker URL to Publisher/Ad-Network as shown below:

2. The Publisher/Ad-Network will share a callback feedback URL with Affle similar to:

3. In case Publisher/Ad-Network needs any parameter to be passed back in their callback/feedback URL, then they have to share those paramters details and pass them in Affle click tracker URL.For example, if the parameter is “transid”, then Affle click tracker URL will become<value>

Following which the Publisher/Ad-Network callback/feedback URL will become: