Android Integration: FAQ / Troubleshooting

Discrepancy Reasons between Google Playstore & MAAS Platform

1. A user installed an app and did not launch it. Affle MAAS Platform will not track the install, whereas the Google Playstore Play will still count this as a new install.

2. A user installed an app and launched it the next day or later. Google Playstore will record that install on the day it was installed, while Affle MAAS Platform will record the date of the first launch of the app. Many time, this can cause major discrepancies Please check the total Upgrade+Install of Google Playstore with MAAS Platform

3. A user has upgraded to a new device or already existed, synced the device to Google Playstore Play account, and launched the app. Affle MAAS Platform will count this as new organic install, whereas Google Playstore will not consider this install

4. Android provides a functionality to auto-upgrade the App. In such a scenario, with every App upgrade release, Google Playstore would track the Upgrade automatically, but MAAS platform would only be able to track it once the user opens it. If the user does not open the App, then the Google Play Number will be significantly higher than the MAAS Platform
5. Timezone differences can also lead to a discrepancy in numbers up to 30% inclusive of pt 1,2,3 above